Jean-Lou Paiani

Autumn is probably my favorite season to mountain bike. This feeling is intensified by the good surprise due to the trial of the Spirgrips handles. Skeptical at first when I met the inventor of the handles on the MBrace but I was extensively impressed after a test on various grounds, single track, steep ascent, rolling track, stretch of road,… I very quickly felt a sensation of comfort, even with my big hands, being able to change positions according to the ground whilst keeping a finger on the brake handle and even on the shifter to drop a tooth! More interestingly, I felt a gain of precision and strength on steep slopes that require to pull on the handlebar to develop power and to place the front wheel in the best trail. The installation on my Scott Spark 930 was done without difficulty, thanks to the adaptors that shift the lockout on the handlebar, which are available at the Scott retailer. After a small adjustment of the position, ready to go for a ride! Conclusion: I want to say adopted and sold !