Jossbou, "Probikeshop" customer

Being used to bar ends (..), even though they can be dangerous because they can entwine themselves with branches, I shortened the ones I had on my previous bike to diminish this risk. Whilst I was on a trek / hike in the region of Grenoble I saw the Sprigrips handles on an equipped bike. After having positioned my hands on the handles, I straight away understood that this was what I need: more comfortable hand positioning, more power while not sitting in the saddle and no more bar end problems. The easy installation due to the design of the bracelet, glue for the carbon handle-bar, one just has to organize the different accessories well on the handle bar and think of the order in which they should lay them out. I had to modify the order on my new Trigger Carbon 2. After the adjustments in a stable position, a first short outing allowed me to observe that my thumb was to close to the command lever and unblocks it involuntarily. I shifted a few millimeters and all is fine on the Roc Marathon. Excellent ergonomics, soft metal, perfect!