Que du bonheur !!!
Les essayer c'est les adopter !

Jean-Manuel Dantes

We've tested them and they really are amazing!

Cycle Shack

The position is natural and the arms and upper body are under less stress, we are less stiff and more fresh, it is really a benefit, no more tingling sensations in the palms of the hands.


Great product, I have been using it for almost two years.

Edouard Thoor

Comfort and easy handling


... now I cannot go without.

Thierry G. France

The Spirgrips are an immediate and obvious support ...

Vincent Rebours

Spigrips is good for fast mtb rides.

Erki Kukk

... Olivier tried and adopted Spirgrips on his bike. This allows a more natural support and thus relieves the wrist.

Team Cycle Naturel

The use of Spirgrips is adapted to all kinds of cyclists. Spirgrips optimizes the quest for speed, allows a new position of the back and a better stability in descents.

Christian Jupillat, 15 times Master MTB World Champion, 3 times Master MTB Europe Champion, 2 times Master MTB Olympic Champion

Efficient and very well concieved

Jossbou, "Probikeshop" customer

...I want to say adopted and sold !

Jean-Lou Paiani

I put them on my city bike and my mountain bike, it’s just amazing, I cannot do without!


The sensations and the comfort are life-changing! No problems during braking or gear shifting, as a result, I took off my bar ends!


I tried it this morning for 2.30h. I experienced a great comfort, and the reflex to grab the break and shifting gears is immediate.


I have installed your product on my bike and have received many good reviews.

Rolf Egli

The Spirgrips handles combine perfectly with a flatbar road bike. The same applies for fixies and fitness bikes. One manages with ease the breaks and speeds from the handles.

Amaël Donnet

My professional background as a cyclist and my training in kinesitherapy allow me to say that these new handlebars are very innovative and it improves comfort, performance and precision...

Sébastien Talabardon

... this accessory offers me the possibility to change the support of my hand. Being static on the handlebar creates tensions, therefore being able to change the position of one’s hands is a reliable remedy...

Maxime S. Bise