The Spirgrips handles combine perfectly with a flatbar road bike. The same applies for fixies and fitness bikes. One manages with ease the breaks and speeds from the handles.

Amaël Donnet

My professional background as a cyclist and my training in kinesitherapy allow me to say that these new handlebars are very innovative and it improves comfort, performance and precision...

Sébastien Talabardon

... this accessory offers me the possibility to change the support of my hand. Being static on the handlebar creates tensions, therefore being able to change the position of one’s hands is a reliable remedy...

Maxime S. Bise

Spirgrips are tested and approved in enduro !! It really works, it’s going to revolutionize the VTT!!

Hugo Rieu

A real instantaneous change, good invention !


Very interesting concept, and an immediate different feeling.


Superb invention. Why didn’t it come out earlier? Congratulations for this product !


Very satisfactory, to attempt on a BMX !


Surprising and a beautiful innovation brand.


Ergonomic and discreet, attested.


Very good sensation, less vibrations.


Real improvement of the ergonomics for the wrists. Less physical trauma assured !


Excellent ergonomics, and we can brake in our initial position.

Velovert magazine

It is great for long distances as well as for a stroll. I tested it on the 100km MB race and I approve. Rest is assured, no more pain on the hands or forearms. You can go with your eyes closed.

Edouard Thoor

Spirgrips improves the performance by removing pain in the hands, blisters and tingling sensations...

Alain Broglia

On the handlebars, Spirgrips are just essential.

Stromer/BMC Store Geneva

Done, I tested the product on my VTT, really great, good continuation.


Spirgrips is on my bike for the Grand Raid, until now it’s been pure happiness !!! Testing is adopting: guarantee.

Arnault Bogard


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